University of Queensland: SBLi 4 Orthodontics

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Bespoke orthodontic product training that saves professionals time from seeking information openly on the web. The package brings together demo videos and relevant web content, and enables learners to freely explore these and answer questions on them as they go. Learners can save resources into their own ‘collection’ for later use.


Why we like it

  • Instructional principles are sound
  • Learners can choose what they explore and do by dragging it into the viewing window
  • Learners can explore web content from within the elearning
  • Multi screen approach – giving 4 windows in one, so that you can see the scenario and the resources as well as the activity all at the same time.
  • Directed specifically at reducing the need to use multiple learning channels.

How to improve elearning

Whilst the instructional principles are sound, the interface and navigation seems overly complex and could present blockers to good learning. An off the shelf authoring tool, like Elucidat, would benefit the learners and enable them to access the content more easily, on multi-devices, and might speed up production time too.

Elearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 6/10
  • Content - 7/10
  • Learning - 7/10
  • Creative - 6/10
  • Overall - 6.5/10

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