Training Bricks: On The Farm

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A course created to demonstrate how the built in Bricklayer exercises and branching features can be both effective and great fun to work with!


farm 1

farm 2

farm 3

farm 4

We why like it

  • Great example of powerful branching elearning, demonstrating the logic sequence which you can use as a ready-made framework on which to create an interactive course.
  • Activities are available from within the content, to create an interactive learn-do sequence
  • Nice interactions and graphics.
  • Good used of sounds to enhance the farm experience e.g. you get a moo sound when you make a mistake in the activity related to cows.
  • Branching means that you experience a degree of adaptive learning, you get sent back to the knowledge section if you fail a task. Then you get to redo the task.
  • Resources means you can search for specific aspects of the course e.g. an image of a sheep or a weblink. The resources are neatly classified to make them findable as well as searchable. E.g. Videos, audio, images, links, documents etc.
  • You can bookmark screens to find them easily later
  • You can increase and decrease size of text and images.
  • Transcript available
  • User driven learning – menu allows you to do the knowledge/learning stuff or jump straight into the test to see what you know already and identify the gaps

How to improve this elearning

We’d add a few videos just to make it really real and we think the gaming aspect calls out for badges which you can collect when you complete an activity.

Elearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 8/10
  • Content - 8/10
  • Learning - 10/10
  • Creative - 9/10
  • Overall - 9/10

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