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Tesco and Sponge UK won bronze for Learning Leap in the category of ‘Best use of elearning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies’ at the Elearning Awards 2014.


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Why we like it

  • Good example of how the elearning vendor used detailed data and feedback from target audience for the previous course to help design an improved programme.
  • Uses a fun and easy to understand narrative where each learner is represented graphically as a parachutist getting ready to jump into the learning (Leapers)
  • Interesting example of a whole campaign approach around three bite-sized, 20 minute modules with branded emails to notify and encourage staff of the course, and post-event knowledge checks
  • Utilises some gaming techniques such as real time, animated leader boards showing the number of learners at each stage of the training.
  • The first finishers get a reward and line managers receive weekly emails telling them how well their team is doing.completes all of their training
  • Once the main elearning is completed, staff receive bi-monthly emails, known as ‘PiPs’ or ‘Putting into Practice’; micro-learning quizzes related to the course topics, linked to web pages containing feedback and job aids to help reinforce the learning and provide an opportunity for people to put their training into practice.

About Sponge UK and the authors

Award winning company Sponge UK creates bespoke elearning, designed to supercharge workplace performance. We support global organisations with tailored courses and campaigns that lead to accelerated productivity, increased sales, compliant workplaces and enhanced staff effectiveness. Areas of expertise include induction, sales/product knowledge, compliance and leadership development.

kateKate Pasterfield, Creative Director, Sponge UK
Kate leads on overall course design and development. Kate’s main skill is interpreting the learning requirement and translating it into an effective elearning programme.

alanAlan Bourne, Head of Development, Sponge UK
Alan leads a talented team of elearning developers at Sponge UK. He brings a wealth of experience to elearning projects and has a reputation for coming up with innovative technical solutions.

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