National Film Board of Canada: Highrise Documentary Project

Visit elearning Developed by NFB Canada

An Emmy-winning, multi-year, many-media, collaborative documentary experiment that explores vertical living around the world.





Why we like it

  • Good use of rarely seen New York Times photos, as well as animation and games.
  • Interactive visual menu – uses the floors of an apartment building as metaphor and each flat pops out as you roll over to select a ‘story’.
  • The program plays like a movie but you can stop it at points and explore more indepth through interactions such as pop-ups.
  • Really engaging use of audio helps situate you in the different cultural contexts as you explore each area of the world in pop ups.
  • Nice use of full screen high quality imagery with short succinct text in different font sizes, colours and text to highlight key facts and figures.
  • Built in HTML5 and completely responsive so plays well across different platforms and devices.

How to improve this elearning

It’s not so much we would do anything differently in this example, but rather we would adopt some of the fresh, engaging and interactive approaches used in this program into our elearning designs and we think you should too!

Elearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 9/10
  • Content - 9/10
  • Creative - 10/10
  • Overall - 9/10

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