The Food We Eat: Can you identify food under an electron microscope?

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This short quiz, designed in Elucidat for the Open University, features several close-ups of everyday objects seen under an electron microscope. You have to decide whether it’s food or not. The feedback reveals some surprising facts and videos from botanist James Wong – not to be confused with James Wong, the director of the x-files!

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food3 food2 food6-polls food5 food-7-results

Why we like it

  • Uses polling to compare your answers with other responses.
  • Additional information supports the feedback given after each question in the form of interesting and surprising facts and a video from an expert.
  • Learners are given a final score and directed to further learning opportunities.

How to improve this elearning

This is a free resource used to encourage learners to take their learning further and explore sample courses from the Open University. A fun yet informative quiz like this could be a good way to build anticipation and motivation a few days before a training course begins.

Elearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 8/10
  • Content - 8/10
  • Learning - 8/10
  • Creative - 8/10
  • Overall - 8/10

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