EF Education First: Englishtown Online English course

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Award winning complete English course online including interactive courses and real teachers 24/7, lessons for all levels from beginner to advanced and customised study plan and certified results.







 Why we like it

  • Web and application deployment
  • Multi platform/device
  • Synchronises across platforms and devices
  • Diagnostic
  • Multi media (with videos and audio)
  • Video scenarios to situate learning into real life contexts
  • Listening, reading, speaking and writing exercises
  • Interactive text-to-speech tool for pronunciation practice and dictionary definitions
  • Speech recognition with feedback for speaking practice
  • Teacher led speaking practice sessions
  • Targeted, flexible design of materials
  • Snap-shot reporting to view progress
  • Student-to-student challenges

How to improve this elearning

Englishtown really screams for more video content. The video that is good but the presentation lacks design. Overall, the creative design is not as sophisticated as it could be.

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