Allen Interactions: Supply Chain training

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This Brandon Hall gold award winning project was designed for Manhattan Associates, leaders in providing online supply chain solutions for organisations. They needed to get their own employees up to speed with the realities of operational supply chains and the processes involved, so they could produce smarter solutions to meet clients’ needs. Some were lucky enough to visit real distribution centres, but what about the others? This e-learning course provides learners with a simulation of a distribution centre, including realistic characters and challenges.



Why we like it

  • The visual tour of a centre helps bring to life what a real centre is like, for those who can’t go to one for real
  • Immersive and interactive – it really puts learners in the shoes of a distribution centre employee, and enables them to learn through trying out tasks
  • Gamified – learners try out simulated tasks, learning from mistakes as they go – aka SimCity!

How to improve this elearning

We didn’t get under the bonnet of this one, but from the video demo we saw and the fact it won a Gold Brandon Hall Award for custom content, we think it’s a great example of immersive learning.

Elearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 8/10
  • Content - 9/10
  • Learning - 10/10
  • Creative - 9/10
  • Overall - 9/10

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