Draw inspiration from these product training examples (Levi’s, MeterPro, Titleist)

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Levi’s, MeterPro, and Titleist have pushed the barriers to create some innovative product training elearning. Their employees have benefited from the hands-on interaction and gamification features that were built into the product training experience.

Levi’s: Lost in Denim (customer care elearning)

This example from Levi’s integrates elearning and learning management systems. This allows staff to take a realistic journey through the world of Levi Strauss. Key product training features include:

  • Scenario-driven.
  • Learners are challenged to respond to different situations within their day-to-day roles and given the opportunity to make mistakes in a safe environment.
  • Quizzes with feedback to see how their decisions affect customer interactions.
  • 11 different language versions available for staff in 21 countries

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MeterPro: Product Training

Developed by Brightwave, this elearning example is a training tool to support Alere’s testing platform, meterPro. This elearning uses scenarios and hands-on activities to increase speed to competency.  Other features include:

  • Functionality to learn about the product and practice common procedures in a risk-free environment.
  • Multi functional – good for both Alere staff and customer education.
  • Allows sales staff to support customers and demonstrate the benefits and simplicity without handling an actual unit.

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Titleist: 716 Irons Product Training

This product training program was developed in conjunction with the launch of five new product categories in the Titleist Iron Clubs range. The training explains the features of the clubs and why they will give you more distance with the most forgiveness. Key features of this elearning include:

  • Creative design-led programme, mixing design elements from the web to create visually vibrant elearning
  • Easy to use and not over-engineered: a simple solution that’s fit for purpose
  • Good use of interactive questions at key points to pose knowledge challenges about the content

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