8 examples of induction training: Sky, ING Direct, Toyota, and more

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induction training

Stuck for ideas to create exciting induction training? Draw inspiration from these eight induction training examples.

Sky employee induction portal


Sky and Brightwave joined forces to create Sky’s induction training. Here’s what we liked about it:

  • Sky’s CEO is the principal elearning champion. Never underestimate the importance of having the top brass evangelising L&D.
  • Portal-driven solution with good content.
  • Multi-channel backed up by an LMS. There is a variety of content to suit a large and diverse audience.
  • Leaderboard style scoring system keeps learners enthused and engaged.

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QGC: Site specific induction training


Australian gas company, QCG, created this elearning to train employees on site-specific issues. Developed by Walkgrove, this is simple and effective in getting its message across.

Features we like:

  • A good example of a bite-size elearning module.
  • Fullscreen high-quality background images provide immediately recognisable contexts for the learners.
  • Uses plain English to convey key messages. Learners aren’t distracted by complex terminology.

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ING Direct: Induction Training


Walkgrove developed this course for ING Direct as part of their blended induction program. It aims to provide an overview of the organization’s vision and key values.

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St Mungo’s: Induction Elearning

St Mungo’s and Little Man Project created this blended induction training solution for new staff.

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Induction training for various housing associations

This induction training was developed by E-START for various housing associations. The induction training takes place in a virtual room with video presenters.

Features we like:

  • Video driven. The presenters are captured against a green-screen and superimposed into virtual environments.
  • Ready-built courses are customizable.
  • The filming of the presenters is done at client company locations as well as a green-screen studio production.
  • The training communicates and celebrates the organizations’ achievements as part of the induction process.
  • The vendor supports clients to develop their own in-house skills to maintain and create their own elearning.
  • Fast turnarounds (1-2 months) suggests a commitment to rapid development.

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Toyota: European Induction

Toyota updated its induction training to address the current culture and achievements of the company. With help from Sponge UK, the new program is aimed both at new and existing employers.

New starters can do the course in any order while old hands can find something new about their organization that they may not have known before.

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Lloyds Bank: Induction for telephone banking staff

This induction program for Lloyds Bank was developed by Brightwave. The design of the program stands out with its generous dollop of full-screen, high-quality video.

Features we like:

  • Flexible, self-paced.
  • Clear progression.
  • Integrated Assima simulations of the actual bank’s system provided wall-garden for safely practising systems training for new staff.
  • Design-led.
  • High-end video using a road trip concept to take new recruits through onboarding.
  • Strong scripting and storyboarding using real world scenarios to help learners build empathy with customers.
  • Pop up videos of real people providing tips and guidance on a range of new-starter queries.

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Jurys Inn: Learning Portal

This award winning learning portal developed by Learning Pool won silver at the E-Learning Age Awards. Employees can access the portal for induction training before they start the job and then continue their learning journey after their induction.

Features we like:

  • A good example of a portal solution for blended, personalised learning.
  • Partnership and integrated approach drawing on different technologies and services.
  • Courses are built with adaptive tools which means content can be accessed from a range of mobile devices.

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