Compliance Training Examples from Connect Group and Tesco

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compliance training

Compliance training can be a boring topic for your learners. Spice it up and draw inspiration from these two award-winning elearning solutions.

Connect Group: The Golden Rules


The Golden Rules elearning course, developed by Make Sense Design, replaces 20,000 words of written material with engaging interactive content. We really like the combination of humor and gamification to encourage learners to interact with the content. Also, did we mention it won silver at the 2014 ELearning Awards!

Why we like it:

  • Immersive and engaging approach in order to create memorable learning experience.
  • Good use of humour, games, leaderboards and strong visual design to grab attention and motivate learners to interact with the course.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Visit elearning: Connect Group’s The Golden Rules

Tesco: Learning Leap


Tesco and Sponge UK won bronze for Learning Leap in the 2014 Elearning Awards. This solution is an example of using previous course data and feedback to help design a new and improved programme.

Why we like it:

  • Uses a fun and easy to understand narrative where learners are represented as a parachutist getting ready to jump into the learning (Leapers)
  • Utilizes gaming techniques such as real-time, animated leaderboards showing the number of learners at each stage of the training.
  • The first finishers get a reward and line managers receive weekly emails telling them how well their team is doing.
  • Once the main elearning is completed, staff receive bi-monthly emails, known as ‘PiPs’ or ‘Putting into Practice’; micro-learning quizzes related to the course topics, linked to web pages containing feedback and job aids to help reinforce the learning and provide an opportunity for people to put their training into practice.

Visit elearning: Tesco’s Learning Leap