3 excellent examples of animation in elearning

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animation elearning

Animation is a fun way to keep learners engaged and motivated. Here are three of our favourite examples animation being used in elearning programs.

Virgin Atlantic: Visually appealing animated flight safety film


Virgin Atlantic has used a novel approach to spicing up the boring safety message before take off. A story telling animated video provides a fun, attention grabbing message to all passengers. The animation is stylish, well designed, with a strong script and plotline. The video is a touch lengthy, however it does provide a memorable experience.

Learn more about Virgin Atlantic’s safety message video

Northern Imagination: Tesla Statue

This fun animation film was used to raise funds to build a statue of Nikola Tesla in Silicon Valley. The video is an excellent example of a movie made with popular animation software GoAnimate. Some key features of this animation are:

  • Flexibility of output choice – HTML5 or Flash (both high or low definition for optimal streaming).
  • Demonstrates the value of a good script, storyboarding and voice-over
  • Good use of audio effects

Visit elearning: Watch the animation film by Northern Imagination

National Film Board of Canada: Highrise documentary project


This example of animation, by the National Film Board of Canada, explores vertical living around the world. This elearning does a good job in combining stunning imagery with animation and gamification. The program plays like a movie, but you can stop it at points and explore more in depth through interactions such as pop-ups.  Additionally, the built-in HTML5 is completely responsive, playing nicely across different platforms and devices.

Visit elearning: Highrise Documentary Project