4 learning portal examples: Sky, Jury’s Inn and Vaillant

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learning portal examples

Are you developing a learning portal for your organization? Check out these four examples from Sky, Jury’s Inn and Vaillant.

Sky’s Global Totara LMS


This learning portal from Sky assists over 36,000 employees with their training. Developed by Mind Click, this is a great example of a Totara LMS solution for customer service staff.

Features we like:

  • Integrates with internal systems, including HR and induction systems with single sign-on.
  • Contains search engine functionality, face to face session workflows and reporting.
  • Looks great on a range of devices.

Visit elearning: Sky’s Global Totara LMS

Sky Employee Induction Portal


Sky and Brightwave joined forces to create Sky’s induction training portal.

Features we like:

  • Portal-driven solution with good content.
  • Multi-channel backed up by an LMS. There is a variety of content to suit a large and diverse audience.
  • Leaderboard style scoring system keeps learners enthused and engaged.

Visit elearning: Sky employee induction portal

Jury’s Inn: Learning Portal

Learning Pool developed this award-winning learning portal for Jury’s Inn.

We like the integrated approach that draws on different technologies and services:

  • Totara LMS, Classroom Connect and Knowledge Bank
  • Administration, user setup and management,
  • Reporting and management information
  • Content development

Visit elearning: Jury’s Inn: Learning Portal

Vaillant Learning Portal


Vaillant, a one hundred and forty year old family business, revolutionizes its approach to training with this successful blended learning solution. It combines elearning, workshops, hands-on skills and online performance support into a single sign-on Totara LMS.

This learning portal was developed by Mind Click.

Visit elearning: Vaillant Learning Portal