Various Housing Associations Induction

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The vendors claim that this elearning experience is as close to a traditional chalk and talk style on-boarding session as you can find. The induction training takes place in a virtual room with video presenters.


various-housing-1 various-housing-2 various-housing-3

Why we like this eLearning

  • Cloud based – yay!
  • Video driven – presenters captured against green screen and superimposed into virtual environments.
  • You can customise ready-built courses.
  • The filming of the presenters is done at client company locations as well as green-screen studio production.
  • The training communicates and celebrates the organisations’ achievements as part of the induction process.
  • The vendor supports clients to develop their own in-house skills to maintain and create their own elearning.
  • Fast turn-arounds (1-2 months) suggests commitment to rapid development.

How to improve this eLearning

Of course, we wouldn’t build in Flash. We are HTML5 advocates.

eLearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 7/10
  • Content - 7/10
  • Learning - /10
  • Creative - 7/10
  • Overall - 8/10

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