QGC: Site Specific Induction Training

Visit elearning Developed by Walkgrove

Bite-sized elearning for contractors and site staff carrying out work on behalf of QGC.





Why we like it

  • A good example of a bite-size e-learning module (which is a really good fit for this audience).
  • The simple messages conveyed in this short e-learning module are designed to be hard-hitting and memorable.
  • Full screen high quality background images will provide immediately recognisable contexts for the learners
  • Uses plain English to convey key messages – learners aren’t distracted by complex terminology.
  • Fast-paced and immersive including a short thought-provoking animation which presents the consequences of poor on-site induction.

How to improve this elearning

We weren’t able to test drive the course, but would ensure it was fully responsive, as we can see this would be great deployed on BYOD’s such as contractor’s own mobile phones.

Elearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 8/10
  • Content - 8/10
  • Creative - 8/10
  • Overall - 8/10

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