ING Direct: Induction Training

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Part of a blended programme for new starters to provide joiners with an overview of the organisation’s vision and values and an awareness of ‘typical’ induction issues.

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Why we like it

  • Aims to reduce the classroom training time spent on induction by 20%, and move away from the emphasis on compliance training for new starters
  • Reinforces the organisation’s message.
  • Example of working closely with the client’s marketing department and content stakeholders at the early stages of the project to understand the brand, the ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’, identify key messages, and core content.
  • Re-use of characters featured in the client’s media advertising campaign.
  • The main body of the course is designed with a learner focus concentrating on key questions that new joiners would want answered, such as what do I need to do? and what should I expect?
  • The instructional approach to the course is to present the information as a portal rather than a traditional e-learning course, encouraging learners to explore and take their own pathways through the course.

How to improve this eLearning

Yeah, it’s for the banking and financial services sector, but it could be more exciting to look at. We’d give it some creative design juice and make it look a little bit less dated. Though, to be fair, agencies are often constrained by clients’ corporate branding.

eLearning Superstars rating

  • Usability - 3/10
  • Content - 8/10
  • Learning - /10
  • Creative - /10
  • Overall - 6/10

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